About Us

KAY CHANCE LUXURIES seeks to deliver an exceptional customer experience in the provision of luxurious car rental service. The Company was founded in 2019 by a team of car enthusiasts, borne by a desire to share their passion for high-end and exotic vehicles with like-minded clients.

 KAY CHANCE LUXURIES offers a range of services in the transport and travel space, notably Party Bus for entertainment and nightlife in Major cities, Passenger Van for trips across the country Airport Pickup services, Airbnb services, Hotels, All Events, and Private tours.

With appointments to make and places to be, we concede that planning and embarking on a trip can be stressful and consuming. It is our specialty to take that burden and deliver you a punctual, safe, and fun-filled trip, making it a truly memorable experience.

Our emphasis is on reliable client service, where we seek to exceed customer satisfaction, right from service request to delivery and post-delivery of service. Each vehicle in our fleet is equipped with highly advanced features for safety, comfort, and pure luxury.

 KAY CHANCE LUXURIES spares no effort and input into meeting its clients’ needs. So the client can savor every moment, by fully basking in our luxurious service delivery.

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