Party Bus

We are your best partner in organizing birthday bash, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wine tours and more. Special events should not be taken lightly and you should never take a chance.

It is best to liaise with a reliable and dedicated partner of our mettle and none comes close. Relax, enjoy our ride and let your trip hustle be ours. The setting in the car is so ideal for you to unwind and let the easy and crazy side of you take over. It is a celebratory van, creating the mood for the fun party. Be it a dance, be it a song, be it laughter or be it somber tears.

The Party Bus is your very best bet. Clients are talking and they are tagging us with a number of accolades, notably; Events Centre: They call it the ultimate Events Centre on wheels. It comes with a top range leather seats, 2 televisions, fiber optic lighting, Wi-Fi, audio and video systems, Bluetooth among others, making it a fully functional entertainment and communication system, mini bar, pre-stocked with top of the range drinks and exciting bites, guided by the clients’ preference.

Our Party Bus is most suited for that group interaction and tailored to kick-start the fun right on the road. It is sound proof, keeping your loud fun away from the outside space. It is the Ultimate bet  for groups sharing a strong taste in classy fun.

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